Our Pure AquaLyte disinfectant is fundamental to our product solution as its’ foundational formulation (“HOCL”) is hospital grade and organic; and has demonstrated its’ efficacy in killing a variety of pathogens including COVID19, MERSA, PERS, Listeria, Salmonella, Co-V2 and a variety of other bacteria, viruses and pathogens. 


Pure Aqua has two technologies within its’ technology portfolio that we believe will fundamentally change the manner in which swine production takes place – specifically in the way in which swine waste is processed. Large outdoor lagoons are currently used in select states, with North Carolina having the largest number of swine lagoons. Our nano-bubble and HDC technology allows us to process the waste and separate the organic material from the water and thus return processed, cleaner water back to the lagoon. 


The Cavortex System harnesses nature’s physics and nature’s chemistry into modular and/or fixed infrastructure(s) to eliminate nitrates (TN) and phosphates (TP) from processed flow-controlled water, thus preventing algae and other environmental disturbances that these agents cause in the Caloosahatchee River and Estuaries. It is an affordable and economic solution for the immediate remediation in Targeted Restoration Areas in the Basin.  The Cavortex System does not operate using chemicals or biological organisms.  Recovered phosphates and nitrogen can be recycled as fertilizer to save Florida farmers money, and all extracted biogens are completely destroyed without harm to the Everglades ecosystem.


Pure Aqua Solution has developed exclusive relationships with technology  partners and has proprietary innovative technologies that are focused on the following markets:

1. Organic biocide disinfectant for the commercial food processing industry; 

2. Organic additive for drinking water in the swine and poultry markets; 

3. Nano-bubble and hydro-dynamic cavitation (“HDC”) technology for the remediation of swine lagoons; and

4. HDC and nano-bubble technology for the remediation of harmful algae blooms in lakes and ponds. 


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